The Holy Trinity Daily Maintenance Routine [Mini]
祛痘無瑕三步曲 (輕便裝)

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Simple yet powerful, the Holy Trinity Daily Maintenance Routine is a trio of 100% natural products designed to minimise touch points while maximising absorption of potent plant-based ingredients. Formulated for everyone, this fast-acting system brings out your natural glow while balancing and strengthening all skin types.  Case studies have proven this routine to solve skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, and to naturally enhance normal and combination skin with lasting results. Customers consistently report looking and feeling better without makeup after using this trio, as their skin has transformed into their true foundation. Powered by our incredible 12-hour miracle oil, you’ll see overnight why we call this routine “The Holy Trinity.”

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“Holy indeed.”

“It’s a bit of a miracle cure”

“It’s fading my scarring and spots”

“I had visible results within 12 hours!”

“My skin is my new foundation”

“I wear less makeup now...I don’t need it!”

“No turning back- I love it!”

“I can’t stop looking at my skin” 


All skin types.

Petitgrain pH Balancing Cream Cleanser - 30ml

Rose Hydrosol Pore Refining Toner - 15ml

N.E.O. [Nature's Elixir Oil] - 5ml

STEP 1 - CLEANSE: Massage Petitgrain Cream Cleanser onto DRY skin at night, rinse with warm water and pat dry.

STEP 2 - TONE & NOURISH: In the palm of your hand, mix N.E.O. with Rose Hydrosol to create a vitamin infused emulsion*. Apply to face, neck and décolletage morning and night. Adjust oil/water ratio to suit your skin type, hydration needs and climate.†

*Mixing oil with water increases nutrient absorption. Our Rose Hydrosol acts as a vehicle to deliver the vitamins and minerals in N.E.O. deeper into the epidermal layers.

† Recommended use based on skin type: Oily : 1-3 drops N.E.O., 5-10 spritz Rose Hydrosol Normal/Combination : 3-5 drops N.E.O., 5-10 spritz Rose Hydrosol Dry : up to 10 drops N.E.O., 5-10 spritz Rose Hydrosol

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