Darling Natural Perfume

$247.50 $330

A bouquet of floral essential oils creates this "Darling" Natural Perfume by Vanessa Megan™. With a hint of spice to warm against the floral tones, this perfume is sweet, passionate & romantic. The essential oils properties are known to encourage a positive outlook, dispel tension, stimulate the mind and have aphrodisiac qualities.

A 100% natural alternative to perfume, all of Vanessa Megan™ products, including our natural perfume do not contain alcohol, so it will not dry out your skin.

This natural perfume contains essential oils of neroli, blood orange, clove, vetiver and ylang.

Neroli essential oil it has pronounced cytophylactic properties, helping with the regeneration of skin cells and helping with improving skin elasticity.

Blood orange essential oil is known to encourage a positive outlook and dispel tension and stress. 

Clove essential oil is known to have positive and stimulating effects on the mind.

Vetiver oil is known to be a panacea for stress and tension.

Ylang essential oil is known to regulate adrenaline flow and relax the nervous system resulting in a feeling of joy. It’s known as an aphrodisiac

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