Gold & Lime Caviar Coconut Membrane Sheet Mask


Get flawlessly smooth, spot-light ready skin with this next generation sheet mask composed entirely of bio-available ingredients. An eco-friendly alternative to traditional sheet mask fibres, this bio-cellulose coconut membrane mask boasts an unsurpassed ability to retain moisture. The fibres of the coconut membrane fit to the contours of your face like a second skin, offering you superior hydration, adhesion and ingredient penetration. Superstar ingredient Colloidal Gold is a potent age preventative known to heal microdamage, increase elasticity, slow collagen depletion and stimulate cells to help firm skin. A natural AHA and powerful anti-oxidant, Fingerlime Caviar supports collagen production and encourages cellular turnover while anti-bacterial Colloidal Silver calms inflammation. Vitamin C rich Australian natives Davidson and Kakadu Plums help repair and restore your skin, giving you a spa-quality treatment at home to deeply re-hydrate, prevent premature aging and restore radiance to dry, dull complexions. Suited for all skin types.

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“Left my red, irritated complexion smooth and even”

“I could actually feel this working on my skin”

“I have never seen immediate results quite like this before.”

“Immediately plumped and hydrated. Addicted.”

“My skin was SO bright the next morning”

“I looked like I had foundation on when I took it off” 

這款新一代黃金魚子面膜全由生物成分組成,為環保的選擇替代傳統片狀面膜纖,助你獲得柔軟嫩滑、光感美肌。 椰子製成的生物纖維面膜緊貼你的面部輪廓賦予零距離感,有效將營養和水分導入肌膚並修復肌膚。

膠態金可治療微損傷,增加肌膚彈性,促使細胞循環以緊緻肌膚,同時減緩衰老過程。 抗菌的膠性銀可鎮靜炎症。 來自澳洲的稀有水果而有「魚子醬」之稱的手指青檸是強大的抗氧化劑,能激活膠原蛋白的增生和細胞更新,從而防止細紋和皺紋的形成。 而富含維他命C的戴維森李子和卡卡杜李子可恢復肌膚活力,提亮膚色,並幫助減輕紫外線的傷害。 猶如高級水療品質的護理,這款面膜為你提供深層保濕,改善乾燥暗沈的肌膚,還原肌膚柔白光采。

All skin types.

Before opening bag, use your fingertips to gently distribute the serum evenly. Open bag, remove mask and carefully unfold. Remove and discard one of the protective outer layers. Place the bio-cellulose coconut membrane onto face, adjusting the eye, nose and mouth openings as needed. Remove second protective layer. Gently smooth the mask over entire face, eliminating any folds or air pockets. Leave mask for 15-20 minutes before removing and discarding. Gently pat any remaining serum into the skin. No rinsing necessary.

Recommended Use: For best results use after exfoliation. Can be used as weekly treatment or the night before a big event.

Mask: 100% Natural Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Membrane

Serum: 100% Natural Colloidal Silver, Citrus Australasica [Australian Fingerlime Caviar] Extract, Colloidal Gold, Davidsonia Jerseyana [Davidson Plum], Teriminalia Ferdinandiana [Kakadu Plum]

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