Natural Perfume Collection

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“There is a time every morning, somewhere between the stars and the sunrise, when I remember that I have wings.” 

Can't decide which of our 100% natural fragrances to try? Give them all a go with our Mini Collection, featuring an individually boxed 10ml bottle of each fragrance. Also great as a gift, or keep one and give the rest away!

Our premium aromatic fragrances are blended from 100% natural and wild grown flowers, trees, fruits, spices and resins. Free from synthetics, toxins and alcohols, our natural perfumes will linger on skin, hair and clothing. The heat of the body activates these precious oils. Our pure plant-based compositions are kind to your body and keep all creatures great and small free from harm.


Collection includes 1 10ml of each fragrance:


Our signature scent blends five exotic essential oils into a truly unique fragrance that balances sensual musk with earthy florals. These oils are known to calm the mind and relax the body. They are also said to balance the hormonal system* and have aphrodisiac qualities.

*Avoid if pregnant



An enigmatic blend of oils bursting with sweet citrus and settling into a warm, oriental woody scent. These pure oils have properties known to balance the nervous system, create intimate joy and build inner confidence and peace, naturally.



A bouquet of precious florals and fruity resins reminiscent of a blooming garden, this sensory wonderment offers many aromatherapy benefits. Known to help build self-confidence, instil deep tranquillity and encourage an open heart.



A rich, complex and unforgettable fragrance that evokes mystery with deep woody resins cloaked in fresh eastern spices. This proprietary blend is known to have aphrodisiac qualities, help stimulate intuition, elevate moods and create deep peace.

Shake well before use. Spray directly onto the skin, avoiding face and eyes. Also, wonderful as a linen or room spray. For external use only. In the unlikely event of irritation, discontinue use.
TOP: lavender
MIDDLE: ylang ylang | rose absolute | geranium leaf
BASE: patchouli

TOP: sweet orange | lavender
MIDDLE: may chang
BASE: vanilla bean | dark patchouli | cedarwood | pacific sandalwood

TOP: helichrysum
MIDDLE: geranium | rose absolute | red champa
BASE: myrrh | frankincense | violet

TOP: bergamot | holy basil
MIDDLE: elemi | cardamom | black pepper
BASE: cedarwood | oak moss | tobacco leaf | sandalwood | dark patchouli | agarwood/oud | vetiver

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